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You see, what I achieved in my former corporate career doesn’t matter to those I now work with under my own name and brand of my boutique people & talent consultancy.

The only thing that matters right now to my clients, is whether I can do what I say I can. Whether I deliver on my promises and honour my commitments, whether I fulfil the obligations set out in our agreements which state the terms of our engagement and outline the services I’ll provide to them.

These factors will apply to you too if you’re a start-up founder, consultant or…

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Every new Mom will tell you the same thing, becoming a parent changes your life and ultimately changes you too.

From the moment of discovering the news of the pregnancy to the event of bringing new life into the world, every decision thought and action is taken with the consideration of another at its core.

As the Mom of a two-year-old, I hadn’t fully appreciated the need to have such a dramatic shift in lifestyle, with every facet of the life I lived previously morphing into something new. In fact, on the lead up to parenthood, I largely anticipated my…

Planning on growing your career & salary in 2021? It pays to know, how to know your worth

Negotiating that salary offer just paid off.

2021 is the year to know and get paid your worth. Let’s face it, with the Gender pay gap, which in the UK currently stands at a 15.5 per cent gap between men and women’s average hourly earnings, is not closing at a rate fast enough.

Add to this the fallout from the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic which has disproportionately impacted women, with more job losses occurring amongst women than men, this global economic downturn is the worst since the Great Depression.


Going up against your employer is far from an easy task. In fact, pursuing any complaint or grievance internally can cause ruptions of anxiety, particularly if the grievance is being raised against those you have to continue working with each day.

Whilst suspensions can occur pending further investigation into grievances raised, it’s not the standard for all cases, resulting in an air of ‘awkward’ if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to complain about your boss, or even worse the company itself employing you.

Having sat on both sides of the grievance fence during my career, from the investigation and management of some fairly complex, challenging employee relations cases, through to raising and winning a grievance against a former line manager whilst working for a Big 4 accounting firm. I’ve no doubt of how stressful the process of…

Looking the part for a career pivot can help matters massively

Picture this: you’re waking up to another day at the office, in a job you can no longer stand. You’re faced with hours of meetings that achieve, well, very little. Chunks of time spent hunched over a laptop, editing ‘death by powerpoint’ slides, conference calls with one too many agenda points and a seemingly bottomless inbox that just won’t quit. If this sounds like a typical ‘day in the life of you’, then you’re far from being alone.

Increasing numbers of professionals at all stages of career are looking for a change; from pivots to new roles, through to more…

Breaking through to find a new world of work-life balance & happiness

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Walking away from a job I once loved to set up my own business, with the sole objectives of seeing more of my young daughter and restoring my mental health, was not an easy decision to make. It was, however, undoubtedly the best decision made in my working life so far.

My former job where I led HR for a Fin-Tech is the same one I had returned to following a shorter than a full term, but longer than initially predicted maternity leave. Despite the many challenges faced with my return; a new boss, high-pressure projects, relentless hours and battling…

Starting a business, freelancing and becoming an entrepreneur isn’t easy. But rumour has it, the hard work is worth it.

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It’s safe to say, I’m a rookie entrepreneur. With less than a year of running a business under my belt, I have a long way to go before being considered anywhere near an expert, in the world of start-ups and successful companies. What I have learned on this short journey so far, is that holding your nerve when faced with the challenges of being a founder is critical. And knowing when to pivot as well as persist, is key to survival in the complex landscape of entrepreneurial decision making.

Around a year ago, I finally made the decision to go…

Helping you become a happier parent, partner & human.

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Evaluating your life to figure out what works and what’s been outgrown is an essential part of being human. Not everything will make the cut but that’s more than okay, it’s essential to your happiness.

When anything life-changing happens, as humans we typically use the time as an opportunity to take stock. Carrying out a life audit is often the result of anything from becoming a parent for the first time, to moving to a new City.

Here, I share with you the four key areas I made changes to in my life and the overwhelming benefits these have had…

Getting back on track, after being knocked into another life.

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Many of us know what our passions are and what we truly want to do with our lives. Yet, somewhere along the way, something knocks us off course, onto a fork in the road or a different path entirely. For some, this knock is presented through circumstances beyond comprehension or control. For others, the altered path is a result of the choices made.

I am one of those people. Knocked off course — at first by circumstance. Followed by choices, that I thought were the only ones I had to make.

Knowing who I wanted to be in life, came…

Jade Graham

Management Consulting & Coaching — Passionate About People, Women's Empowerment, Women in Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion and Gender Equity.

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